About Aaron

Artist Aaron T. Barrett was born in Wyoming in 1979.  He moved to Alaska with his family when he was six.  Aaron grew up hunting, fishing, and exploring the Mat-Su Valley near Palmer, Alaska.  He has been sketching and drawing wildlife since he was a child.  In 2002, he learned how to carve from his good friend and mentor, Kent Heindel, the best in the trade.  Since then, Aaron has been capturing the rugged beauty of Alaska and the west.  His favorite subject is the grizzly bear.  He also loves to carve eagles, salmon, walrus, whales, polar bears and more. He is intrigued by the Native Alaskan culture and enjoys depicting scenes of life long ago in the Arctic.

Aaron lives in Idaho with his wife and six children.  He travels to Alaska to work part of the year.  In his spare time, Aaron loves being with his family, hobby farming, shooting guns, and building boats.  Aaron is passionate about his art and feels very fortunate to be doing what he loves every day.