Fossilized Whalebone Raven Dancer Carving Sculpture with Walrus, Seals, Salmon, Inuit or Eskimo Dancers Native Alaskan Art

Raven Dancer Creation Story

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The Inuit ancestors told fascinating stories about the Creation of Life.  There are many different variations, but in most, the Raven is the trouble-maker who starts it all.  In this piece, I tell the legend of the Raven who opened a box and let out the sun.  He then opened a clamshell and released man.  The men were dressed in animal skins, revealing the type of animal they were to become.    

The main body of this piece is carved from an ancient fossilized whale jaw.  The face, feathers, and walrus tusks are carved from fossilized walrus jawbone.  Each of the 26 feathers are individually hand-carved and secured in place.  

This piece measures 25"high and 25" across.

This product is for sale only within the State of Alaska.